A Note from Daniel: finally out. proud of my dudes in @mightytheband for pushing themselves as far as they did on this. wasn’t always easy or fun, but we think we came out the other side with something you’ll love. nothing but love for @panjospaghetti@joseph_dempsey , and @camlatham89. my brothers for life. love all of you more than I can describe. thank you for your trust in me. thank you as well to everyone who offered support or guidance during the process, too many to name. thank you to @alecstanley for all that you brought to the record. @danieldewittmusic for being a great friend and someone who will make every record better, including this one. i’m excited for our next decade of collaborating and friendship. @infected_by_dummies for the the art that immediately seemed to summarize the head space the record exists in. @brianmanley for completing the design. @jesseolson and @t_hardy_morris for singing on it. @andyprince and @ssdotgovfor being the rhythm section on “eugenia”. proud to have all of you on this. matt martin and cj ridings for their help. and last but never least, @tjthunder, thank you thank thank you for your tireless work. for never, ever, settling. for pushing myself, the band, and yourself every day. sound designer for the ages. you’re a rare talent who I can’t wait to keep making records with, and to keep being inspired by. truly one of the greatest experiences of my life working with you.
all ya’ll go listen.

angelo, cam, and joe: here we go boys