Thank You

We’ve got a lot of great and exciting news coming up about MIGHTY’s debut EP, but first we wanted to say thanks to some of the amazing artists who worked on this project:

Gordon Keiter (drums) formerly of All Get Out @allgetout //
CJ Ridings (guitar, keyboard, engineering) of Big Jesus @bigassjesus //
Johnny Dang (O’ Brother // and Spencer Ussery (Big Jesus // also appear on Losing Things

Brian Manley (vinyl artwork, press photos) @brianmanley //
Levi Colton (fingertip artwork) //
Kees Holterman (confederate days artwork) //

Music is about the moments we connect with and the people we connect to and working with such amazing artists has been truly inspirational.  Finally, thanks to everyone who was been helping spread the news about songintheair and MIGHTY so far.  Stay tuned we’ve got amazing things coming up…